How to play with colors for your Christmas table setting!

How to play with colors for your Christmas table setting!

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When it comes to table settings there is so much to play around with. And when we're talking about Christmas, we're talking about color and vibrancy! 

We know that the holy trinity of Red, White, and Green is a constant

But when it comes to decorating our home, we might find ourselves in a bind when choosing amongst our options.

So here is a quick list of color combinations to make your job easy-

The Classic-

This one isn't a surprise as Red and white will never fail on Christmas.

Be it a red table runner on a white tablecloth, or white dinner napkins on red placemats. This combination will bring Santa right from the Chimney to your dinner table.


Even though red and white are the more popular colors. Adding green to your table setting might be the game-changer. Green combines equally well with red and or white. Incorporating green runners, napkins or placemats might make your Christmas merrier.

Mix it up-

When we talk of mixing it up, it's not just in changing the color-coding. It can be about changing the product designs too.

Add splicing or multicolored border designs to your table setting. This doesn’t just change the design element but also brings a mix of colors to your table. 

Festivals are all about year-long traditions. But making small modifications can make a world of difference!

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