5 Ways to make your Christmas table-setting the talk of the town!

5 Ways to make your Christmas table-setting the talk of the town!

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Christmas is around the corner and everyone is planning their home decor for the festive season. We have made a quick list for you to integrate the Christmas cheer in your table setting!  

1. Use Unique designs

Every Christmas feast has table runners and dinner napkins. But yours can stand out by using unique stitches and designs. Be it hemstitch, splicing, or a ruffled design. It's the details that matter. This way, guests appreciate your table decor first and the food later. 


2. Go - Green -

Fabrics like linen and hemp are as accessible as cotton now. In today's time, guests would appreciate sitting on a table that contributed towards a healthier future. These products can be conversation starters that with end with a genuine payoff. By the end of the evening one realises that making these subtle choices in our purchases go a long way for the environment. 

3.Try new combos and shades

We know that the Christmas spirit is all about red, white, and green. But who said we cannot play around with the colors a bit? By using different shades and color combinations, even the traditions can have a touch of your uniqueness.


4. Get creative

Even small efforts can bring an instant smile to the face of your guests. Trying different folds with your dinner napkins or color-coding your placemats uniquely can make your table stand out.


5 .Gift an experience-

People love gifts, but more than that they love an experience. The Christmas decor items that you use for your christmas table decor can also be gifted to the guests that were a part of your evening. This way the memory and the gift, both stay with them for a long time.

Check out the D'Moksha collection for an array of such thoughtful gifts :) 

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