The end of the year is here!: So are a new palette of colors

The end of the year is here!: So are a new palette of colors

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As we approach the end of the year, a lot of festivals start to arrive. And while festivals have their exclusive colors and aesthetics. Winter and fall themselves bring their seasonal vibe and colors.

Here are a few fall and winter-themed colors for you to incorporate in your table-setting this year's end!-

1. Yellow-

Yellow brings a unique vibrancy with it. You can experiment with different shades of it and create a vibe that is fit for fall. Lighter shades can be combined with almost any color and are great for everyday use. And darker ones can be put into play when you want your table to stand out.

2. Rust-

Rust is a color that is used for a lot of areas of home decor. But it can also add an extremely sophisticated edge to your table setting. Combining it with other fall colors in the form of dinner napkins or placemats can make your table setting extremely pleasing to the eye.

(Pro tip- Rust goes really well with wooden furniture)


3. White

White fits in effortlessly with every table setting. And the fact that it goes extremely well with the snowfall in winter, makes it the most optimal winter shade. Right from a white table cloth to white dinner napkins. Incorporating it with any other color is a fool-proof plan.

4. Blue

Blue brings with it a wide range of shades. From lighter shades like Cyan and powder blue to darker ones like Navy blue. Play around with them and create color combinations to have multiple looks for your table ready. It is extremely versatile and a complete winner when it comes to offering choice. 

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