Of Textile & Microwaves: Realisation of sustainable fabrics.

Of Textile & Microwaves: Realisation of sustainable fabrics.

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Till the end of the year 2018, my knowledge of fabric and textiles was as brilliant as an average reader would be about microwaves! Regularly used the product, its features and benefits were as told to us while making the purchase - No need to challenge the status quo. If it worked, it looked good, others were also happy using it, so was I.

Cotton, I was told, is the most eco-friendly option in fabrics, great to keep yourself cool, easy to maintain, easy to iron, sustainable and all that… its features were made to appear far more superior by comparing it with polyester, which it definitely is. And it worked. It works for most of the people of the world.

It was only in the year 2019, when we decided to embark on the journey of ‘Eco Luxury Decor’ under our Private Label D’Moksha Homes, did my husband and I start diving deep into the world of textile. It was like back to school. A masters in textile, a new world of fabrics, yarns, dyes, weaving, spinning and of course filtering each learning from a sustainability paradigm.

It was a time of revelation! Eyes opening wide and absorbing unheard of data. Content that unless intentionally searched for would never be exposed to one self. I guess the best way to not learn about anything new is to be ignorant of it. And ignorant we were. But our new endeavour helped us lift the curtain.

It amazed us that while the world is waking up to sustainable measures in their life utility from food to cars, renewable power to packaging of products, traveling to Mars to save mankind to carpooling to reduce use of biofuels, the world is still not adequately indulgent on the harmful effects of fabrics and textile used for garments or home linens.

While there is too much to share and cannot be done in a single blog, I will attempt to share with you my learnings over several subsequent blogs on why the world needs to eliminate the use of polyester, reduce the use of cotton and increase the use of fabrics like hemp, linen, lyocell and several other sustainable fabrics.

It is important to note that the intent is not to disregard the role of cotton or to name cotton utterly environmentally harmful. The objective to create awareness of the options that humanity needs to move to which are less harmful and more beneficial from a sustainability standpoint.

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