Begin Again: How this journey commenced

Begin Again: How this journey commenced

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Our journey began with the arrival of our son Moksh on the valentine’s day of 2018. There was a desire to create a beautiful and safe home for our son which reflected our environmental and social convictions. And then we realised there are very few, or practically no brand dedicated to offering a complete range of eco-friendly home linens. Thus our journey began to build D’Moksha Homes - Eco Luxury Decor with the sole objective to create the most beautiful home linens using only the most sustainable fabrics and processes.

It took us almost 10 months to research the market to understand the eco-friendly home linens available, study the most sustainable fabrics like linen, hemp and lyocell and chart out the business plan. At the end of it, I decided to leave the cushy corporate world and jump into a complete new startup

We incorporated our company in mid December 2019, did the process of recruiting our artisans (more on this in a later edition), made some samples and by Jan 9th 2020 I was out of the comfort of my cushy and safe corporate world - working as a Marketing Executive for the Kids portfolio of Turner International - Warner Media’s Cartoon Network and Pogo.

After a career of 12 years as a Banker and Media Executive, I have taken a big leap of being a full time entrepreneur (more on this too about starting up as a woman entrepreneur).

Soon in Jan '20 we got into full production with the cloth cutting ceremony on day 1.

We had decided to go to market with a limited range of products in 5 colour offerings. Namely Table Runners, Tablecloth, Dinner Napkins made of 100% Pure European Flax Linen and Semi Sheer Curtains made of pure Hemp Fabric.

Close to a month of production, with zero tolerance for quality compromise, it was only in mid Feb '20 that our first batch was sent for export and finally we launched D’Moksha Homes on

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