Bird Print Placemats
Bird Print Placemats

Bird Print Placemats

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  • NATURE-INSPIRED ELEGANCE: These placemats showcase a delightful bird print with autumn leaves, introducing a natural elegance to your dining experience and enhancing the overall ambiance of your table.
  • SUSTAINABLE TRI-BLEND FABRIC: Crafted from a tri-blend fabric composed of bamboo, lyocell, and linen, these placemats align with sustainable living practices. The blend reflects a commitment to eco-friendly choices, incorporating bamboo's rapid growth, lyocell's eco-friendly production, and linen's durability.
  • LUXURIOUS AND SOFT TEXTURE: The tri-blend fabric ensures a luxurious and soft texture, delivering a comfortable and enjoyable feel under your tableware. The combination of bamboo, lyocell, and linen guarantees both softness and durability, providing a high-quality placemat.
  • WHIMSICAL DINING ACCENTS: The bird print with autumn leaves, combined with the sustainable tri-blend fabric, transforms these placemats into whimsical dining accents. Elevate your table setting with a perfect fusion of nature-inspired aesthetics and eco-conscious luxury.
  • GREAT GIFT CHOICE: Delight your loved ones with a harmonious combination of quality and sustainability, presented in thoughtfully crafted packaging.
  • SPONSOR A GIRL CHILD'S EDUCATION: Our D'MOKSHA CARES PROGRAM contributes to a girl child's education in India with every purchase. YOU CAN KNOW HER AND TRACK HER PROGRESS FOR A YEAR.

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